Default heatsink performances are based on a 150 mm long extrusion and 2m/s airflow.

    Our Thermal Calculator indicates performance at different lengths and airspeeds. Specific performance figures are stated for board mount and BGA products.

    Thermal Resistance is measured on a 60°C temperature sink to the ambient differential.
    We have theoretically calculated performance at other lengths for you.

    Natural Convection heat sinks are assumed to have a 0.85 emissivity value, meaning they are black anodised unless otherwise stated.

    Performance figures given are for natural convection operating conditions and are for a 60°C temperature rise with a centrally mounted heat source and vertically mounted fins. Under general operating conditions the thermal mounting arrangement of devices is not known and therefore the figures should be used only as a guide to heatsink selection.

    It is recommended that the effectiveness of any heatsink is confirmed in the specific operating environment in which it will be subjected.

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