Not only do ABL heatsinks carry a large range of heatsink profiles in stock but it is also able to offer custom design heatsink profiles if required. Whatever your heatsink requirement, all heatsink profiles need to be machined and finished to some degree.

    ABL heatsinks is able to offer a full machining and finishing service in-house using our own machinery and plant, this makes us unique amongst UK heatsink suppliers.

    If you require a heatsink cut to length and black anodised, we will use our own saws, de-burring equipment and anodising plant. This means our customers get rapid lead times with full control of quality. Most of our competitors have to sub-contract at least one of these processes, especially anodising, and as a result they lose control of quality and lead times.

    In addition, if your heat sinks require further processing, we can offer a large range of cnc machining equipment, again in-house, which allows us to add any holes, tapped holes, machined pockets, etc as required.


    Heatsink Quality

    We are also aware that many of our customers require heatsinks to be machined to a very tight flatness tolerance to maximise their thermal performance and achieving flatness tolerances of less than 50 microns is not unusual.

    Having machined a heatsink to a customers' drawing, it is then vital that we can measure the end product and we do this using the latest metrology and CMM equipment.

    In summary, ABL heatsinks is able to offer a One Stop Shop for all your heatsink requirements;

    • Large range of stock heatsink profiles
    • Design and source service for custom heatsink profiles
    • In house cut to length and de-bur facilities
    • In-house machining facilities
    • In house anodising facilities
    • Modern metrology and measuring equipment

    Giving you a fast, efficient and quality service to meet all requirements.

    Heatsink closeup board