Heatsink Technical Information

As you will no doubt be aware, the efficiency of a heatsink is largely determined by its surface area – therefore, ideally, you will aim in the design process to construct a heatsink with as many fins as possible, spaced as close together as possible. Often conventionally aluminium extruded heatsinks are unable to meet this demanding requirement. Therefore ABL Components are able to offer a high performance heatsink range which is nearly unparalled in the supply of heatsinks with maximised surface areas.

Many of the high performance heatsink products are supplied from stock – you will note this if they are listed as Category A products on the website search page. Category B heatsinks can be supplied very quickly as well. The heatsink products are produced by an aluminium extrusion process where the fins are extruded separately and then assembled into the base plate via a patented technology.

These unique heatsink products offer massive advantages compared to single piece aluminium extruded heatsinks. The advantages include:

  • Excellent cooling performance due to the large surface area created by the high number of fins with very small spacing between them
  • Favourable weight / performance ratio
  • No extrusion die tooling costs
  • Lengths cut to suit your requirements
  • The ability to black anodise the heatsinks and so aid dissipation performance in many cases
  • ABL can also machine the heatsinks to provide a tailored component – hole, slots, tapped holes etc can all be provided

ABL’s high performance heatsink range has differing width options and can be provided with either hollow or solid fins. The hollow fin range is specifically designed for use with forced-air cooling. The solid fin heatsink range is suitable for both forced-air and natural cooling. If natural cooling is to be used, then ABL recommends the use of black anodising for these heatsinks which can provide a thermal performance value which might be up to 20% better than the mill finish surface equivalent.

We are very proud of helping to provide the UK’s widest range of stocked heatsink products (~). The updating of ABL’s high performance range, aligned with our new BGA heatsink portfolio and our well established & popular single piece extruded profile heatsink range, makes us the right company to assist you with all your heatsink requirements.

Please contact us for further information and see how we can assist you.

(~ in our opinion!!)