Thermally Conductive Aluminium Foil Tape

Our range of accessories are designed to be incorporated into your heatsink.
All ABL's BGA heatsinks are supplied with thermal tape. See details below.
They can also be designed for customised heat sinks - please contact us for design support.


Thermally Conductive Aluminium Foil Tape


Typical Properties
Colour - White
Backing Type / Thickness mm Aluminium Foil / 0.10
Adhesive Type / Thickness mm Acrylic 0.075 (on clear liner side)
0.095 (on blue liner side)
Total Thickness mm 0.27
Adhesion Kg/25mm 1.5
Thermal Conductivity W/m-K 0.95
Thermal Resistance °C-in2/W 0.2
Holding Power @ 23°C Hour >72
Holding Power @ 130°C Hour >2

All ABL's BGA heatsinks are supplied with thermal tape.

With excellent thermal conductivity, cushioning and gap filling properties, the pad is an ideal thermal interface material specifically designed for heat sink attachment to MPU, chip set and other plastic encapsulated components.

It consists of an aluminium foil backing coated, on both sides, with a very high temperature resistance acrylic adhesive. Due to its high heat performance and adhesive properties this tape can also be use to attach components to a vertical heatsink and to metal enclosure surfaces.

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Storage and Shelf Life

Six Months when stored at 23+/-3°C, 60+/-10% relative humidity, out of direct sunlight, in original packaging.


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