High Performance Heatsink Range will Assist Cooling

    Improve your thermal performance now at a low cost as ABL Aluminium Components has launched a new range of high performance heatsinks.

    As heatsink efficiency is largely determined by surface area, designers will aim to design heatsinks with as many fins as possible and as close together as possible.

    High performance heatsinks offer a massive advantage compared to single piece aluminium extrusion heatsinks, such as excellent cooling performance and a favorable weight / performance ratio.

    Our new range has differing options and can be provided in either solid or hollow fins. The hollow fin heatsink product is specifically designed for use with forced air cooling.

    ABL Aluminium Components can also machine your components to suit varying needs on our CNC machines.

    Check out the high powered heatsink range on our website www.abl-heatsinks.co.uk.