Aluminium Extrusions in Racking Applications

    Aluminium extrusion racking and racks are all around us. There are the obvious applications such as car roof racks and shop display racks but this material makes it an ideal choice for rack designers in a range of industries such as aerospace, sports equipment, electronic equipment and construction equipment.

    Racks made from aluminium extrusions – it’s an obvious choice, due not just to the ease of manufacture but also to the native qualities of aluminium. It is also 100% recyclable.

    Aluminium extrusion racking

    The racks and racking must exhibit the following qualities:

    • high strength
    • safe
    • durable
    • light weight
    • easy of manufacture
    • high corrosion resistance
    • low cost of maintenance

    In an industry associated with constant innovation and revamping, the versatility of aluminium extrusions not only improves the efficiency in manufacturing and installing various components, but also offers a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

    Delivery and packaging of racks

    Aluminium extrusions provide a practical solution for racks as they can be shipped in a small package and assembled on site. The small packages allow for greater carrying capacity on the delivery vehicles due to their weight and size with fuel savings gained during transportation. In use on a range of vehicles further fuel savings are gained due the light weight of aluminium.

    Design and Manufacture

    Using extruded aluminium to manufacture racks allows for elegant, low maintenance designs with green credentials and increased design innovation possibilities.

    The extrusion process allows for an array of cross sections and curves that can be incorporated into the rack design and production process.

    Surface Treatment

    Aluminium extrusion racking finishing can include anodising, painting or powder coating to provide colour variations and extra weather protection.

    Why use extruded aluminium instead of other materials?

    • Aluminium is lighter making it easier to assemble and maintain the racking
    • Aluminium and its associated fixings are safer by design
    • Extruded aluminium has a low cost of manufacture compared to other materials
    • It can be anodised or powder coated maintaining its appearance and won’t rust or rot

    ABL Components One Stop Shop

    ABL Components have worked with many clients to provide tailored solutions to their requirement for aluminium extrusions in the racking sector. ABL’s ability to offer a one stop shop solution that includes saw cutting, cnc machining, anodising, painting, stockholding of not only the extrusions but also all other parts of the racking BOM, packing and delivery to site. Thus they provide a unique service for their customer base, located both in the UK and around the world.

    Their experience in this sector, aligned with the capabilities and equipment they have in-house, make ABL the ideal partner for all your needs in the racks and racking market.

    Contact ABL today to learn more about how they can assist you in the racking market.