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Heatsink Details for 536AB

not found

Stock Category B. Profile NOT normally stocked but still available, longer lead-time and MOQ of approximately 500kgs would apply.
Please in the first instance see if there's a Category A profile suitable.
All dimensions shown are subject to commercial tolerances. Details of individual tolerances and fully dimensioned drawings available on request.


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 Thermal Performance Results 
Passive [°C/W]0.330
Forced air flow [°C/W]0.120

Thermal Resistance is calculated based on a distributed heat load on anodised heatsink with vertically mounted fins based on a 60°C temperature rise. Under general operating conditions the thermal mounting arrangement of devices is not known and therefore the figures should be used only as a guide to selection.
We recommend that the effectiveness of any heatsink is tested in the specific operating environment in which it will be subjected.
All information is for reference purposes only.