Heatsink Product Information


Unless otherwise stated these extruded heatsinks are made from Alloy 6063 T6.


Profile Tolerances: Profile dimensions are generally toleranced within BS EN 755-9 and this should be taken into consideration when designing our heatsink profiles into your equipment. Further details of specific heatsink tolerances can be supplied if required.

Heatsink Performance

Default heatsink performances are based on a 150 mm long extrusion and 2m/s air flow. Our Thermal Calculator indicates performance at different lengths and air speeds. Specific performance figures are stated for board level and BGA products.

Thermal Resistance is measured on a 60°C temperature sink to ambient differential.
We have theoretically calculated performance at other lengths for you.

Natural Convection heat sinks are assumed to have a 0.85 emissivity value, meaning they are black anodised unless otherwise stated.

Performance figures given are for natural convection operating conditions and are for a 60°C temperature rise with a centrally mounted heat source and vertically mounted fins. Under general operating conditions the thermal mounting arrangement of devices is not known and therefore the figures should be used only as a guide to heatsink selection.
It is recommended that the effectiveness of any heatsink is confirmed in the specific operating environment in which it will be subjected.

Heatsink Anodising

Black anodised heatsinks will generally be anodised to 15 microns.

Ordering Information

Stock Category

Stock categories can change so it is always best to contact us for confirmation of a code.

  • - Heatsink products normally kept in stock and available on short lead times.
  • - Heatsink may be available ex-stock but not guaranteed. Longer lead times and MOQs may apply.
  • - Heatsink rarely available ex-stock. Longer lead times and MOQs likely to apply.

RoHS Regulations

(Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2008)

All ABL heatsinks are ROHS and WEE compliant.
All extrusions are ROHS and WEE compliant.