Heatsink Range

At ABL we offer a broad range of standard extruded heat sinks, ranging in size and thermal performance that have benefitted from continuous development. Our products offer customers the design flexibility they need for today’s demanding systems ensuring that ABL is the first choice for designers of electronic systems with thermal management requirements.

If a standard heatsink profile is not available we use our extensive experience of aluminium extrusion and working with customers to create a customised heatsink that is both thermally efficient and cost effective.

To supplement our range of extruded heatsink products we also offer board and surface mount heat sinks suitable for standard electronic packages such as TO220, TO218, TO3, etc. Our extensive supply of accessories including clips & pins are designed to enable effective and efficient assembly.

A range of BGA heatsinks is now available from ABL. Please visit our BGA heatsink page or contact us with your specific requirements. A full range of heatsink clips, pins, wire forms, pads, anchors and tapes etc are available, most ex-stock to compliment the BGA range.

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