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aluminium extrusion bga heatsink

Following a recent stocktake, ABL has surplus stocks of certain BGA part numbers, particularly
BGA-STD-025, with dimensions of
23mm x 23mm x 6mm.
(Same dimensions as Fischer ICK BGA 23x23). We can offer very competitive prices on this and several other parts.
Please contact us for details.

A comprehensive range of BGA heatsinks is now available from ABL. These products will suit a wide variety of demanding requirements and, to suit your needs, they come with a series of mounting options. Customised hole patterns are available.

ABL Heatsinks are supplied with thermally conductive adhesive tape that will enable the heatsink device to be mounted very easily and consistently. Additionally, as indicated, some heatsinks can be fixed by pushpin and wireform accessories to improve attachment. A wireform accessory will also provide a mechanical attachment using pressure to mount the BGA heatsink to the device.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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